Important Facts to Know About Cremation 
  • A cremation may only be performed by a licensed cremationist at a licensed funeral home. 
  • There is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period from the official time of death before cremation can take place unless the death was a result of an infectious, contagious or communicable disease. 
  •  Cremains cannot be comingled, divided or separated without the written consent of the Authorizing Agent.
  • A cremation may not take place without the written consent of the Authorizing Agent, that is the person as identified by law, who has control over his disposition of the deceased person's body.


Those having that authority (in order) 

  1. A person designated by the decedent on the U.S, DID Record of Emergency Data (active duty military) 
  2. A person designated by the decedent in an affidavit executed before a notary public
  3. Spouse
  4. Majority of children
  5. Majority of grandchildren
  6. Parent(s)
  7. Majority of siblings
  8. Grandparent(s)
  9. Guardian at time of death
  10. Personal representative of the estate of the decedent
  11. Next degree of kinship
  12. Public Officer, Administrator or Employee if the State is responsible
  13. Any other person willing to assume responsibility in the absence of any person specified. 









Authorizing Agent Affidavit

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